Mark is THE person you want working with you. Not only is he a talented filmmaker who truly cares about the work he produces, he is also one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Mark’s work is extraordinary and I’m thrilled that he continues to help out his alma mater by consulting on various projects. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone.
— Micha Sabovik, Assistant Dean, BU College of Communication
Mark has set an incredibly high standard for what it means to work with a videographer, editor, and producer. His sensitivity to customer needs and wide-range of experience shines through in my projects, always feeling like they have both our personality and the professionalism and quality worthy of mass-sharing. Highest recommendation of anyone I’ve worked with in the industry.
— Andrey Ostrovsky MD, CEO, Care at Hand
Mark is an excellent and thorough communicator, insanely reliable, and FAST. We were in a pinch and needed a super quick editing turnaround, and Mark worked through the night and guaranteed we’d see the finished video in our inbox at 9am. Sure enough, we did, and the video was awesome.
— Breanne Thomlison, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategist, Health and Wellness Innovation at Ruder Finn
Mark’s skills as a video editor are second to none and he was a valuable creative resource for our MSG Networks digital team. Above all else, Mark’s greatest strength is his personality. He made work easy for any one of us who had the great fortune of working with him and I cannot stress how highly I think of him. I recommend him without any hesitation.
— Lucky Ngamwajasat, Associate Editor, MSGNetworks.com
Mark kicks ass. He transformed my book into a film that not only told a story, but engaged and compelled viewers. His ability to immerse himself in a topic and quickly become an expert on it is both rare and powerful. Mark is extremely talented and his passion for film and editing guarantees a service any customer would be lucky to utilize.
— Travis Kumph, Author, Peace of Me (inspiration for the film H.O.P.E. Was Here)